PCs preloaded with Linux at Gnuberry Computers

Jamie Carranza writes “Gnuberry Computers  July 30, 2004:
Laptop & desktop PCs preloaded with Linux are now available from Gnuberry Computers. Our computer systems are designed for home and small business using some of the best open source applications around and are ready to go out of the box.

Based on Mandrake Linux 10.0 Official Download Edition, we have further refined the user experience providing an all open source and elegant Linux based solution for anyone. Combined with our quality hardware setup, you have a full featured system and an excellent foundation on which to build. You can even turn a Gnuberry Computer into a powerful server simply and easily with no added software expenses.

With more secure default settings, a full-featured firewall turned on by default, and almost no worms or viruses, a Gnuberry Computer is the smarter choice. Explore the Web with the superior and more secure Mozilla Firefox and safely check your email with Mozilla Thunderbird. Because it’s all open source software, upgrades are free.

OpenOffice.org will allow you to work with your old documents and not further lock you into proprietary formats; and if you must, there are programs available like Wine, WineX, and Crossover Office that will enable you to run your Windows programs.

There is no steep learning curve with a Gnuberry Computer. Normal users will never need to touch the command line, of course all the power of Linux is available for those who want it. Our computer systems come set up in a standard way allowing us to concentrate on a particular configuration and make it easier to provide support. Telephone and email support is available and a printed userguide is included that was written for each model we sell. It includes instructions for manual restoration as well as a glossary of terms. Now everyone can use a better computer!



Link: gnuberrycomputers.com