A peek at the geek heading LCA 2013


A peek at the geek heading LCA 2013Organising Australia’s national Linux conference is hard work. At times, given the vagaries of the climate Down Under, the best laid plans of men go awry and there is double work – as there was in Brisbane 2011, when the floods hit and the event had to be be shifted from one venue to another.

At times, there are unpleasant incidents at the conference which cause friction and leave a bad public impression. With 600-odd people of different types thrown together, it is not the easiest of gigs to manage.

But no organiser I’ve interviewed – and I’ve spoken to every one of them since 2008 – ever talks about the sleepless nights and frustrations. They like what they are doing, they do it for the love of it, and most times they come up with a very professional product.

Michael Still (pictured above) is the chief organiser for the 2013 event and has many irons in the fire. Once the conference process gets under way, things keep happening, and take on some kind of life…Read more at ITWire