April 4, 2001

Peer-to-peer only a fad, says MSNBC

Author: JT Smith

MSNBC: "Silicon Valley watchers say sociology as much as
technology is needed to explain the rapid rise and fall of the
p-to-p fad.
"The whole p-to-p hoopla is emblematic of the mad rush
to find the next big thing in technology," says Bill Burnham, a
venture capitalist with Softbank Venture Capital. Edward Jung,
a former top software architect at Microsoft Corp., said p-to-p
boosters were trying to recreate the excitement of Napster by
simply transferring Napster-style technology to other areas.
But since Napster is more of a social than a technical
phenomenon, "a lot of people were led down the primrose
path," Mr. Jung says."
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