August 27, 2001

Penguin Computing announces 1U dual AMD server

Author: JT Smith

San Francisco, California (August 27, 2001) -

Penguin Computing Inc., the first company that is "Simplifying the Solution Process" by removing the complexity involved in developing and deploying fully customized, Linux-based solutions, today announced the first addition to its new line of AMD server products, the Altus 1240.
The Altus 1240 incorporates dual Athlon MPTM processors, a 266 MHz front side bus, and provides up to 4 GB of DDR RAM and four hot-swappable SCSI drives. The Altus 1240 also includes an integrated dual port 10/100 NIC and allows for a single full-size PCI card.

"Our recent partnership with Scyld Computing Corporation has confirmed our commitment to producing high-end clustering solutions," said Marty Seyer, chief executive officer for Penguin Computing. "Now, with the revolutionary Altus 1240, we are prepared to offer a unique platform for massive, clustered data-processing. Additionally, the Altus 1240 has been designed with significant, high-throughput storage, allowing it to excel in such non-clustered capacities as media streaming and online data-archiving."

The Altus 1240 is available with a variety of support and professional service options, and with Penguin Computing's clustering solution, can be deployed en masse for environment-specific Beowulf clusters. Full technical specifications, along with information on pricing and Penguin Computing's STS customization capabilities are available at

About Penguin Computing

Penguin Computing Inc. ( is the first company that is Simplifying the Solution (STS) process by removing the complexity involved in developing and deploying fully-customized, Linux-based solutions. Founded in 1998 by Open Source advocate Sam Ockman, Penguin Computing is based in San Francisco, California and is privately held.

IDC predicts that the market for Linux servers will reach 1.9 million units by 2004, which Penguin Computing estimates to be equivalent to $5.7 billion. Penguin Computing pursues this emerging market by delivering fully integrated infrastructure solutions, professional services and support through cutting edge customization capabilities.

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