August 21, 2001

Penguin Computing introduces new Relion rackmount

Author: JT Smith

Menekse Gencer writes,
"You've been covering Penguin Computing. I thought you might want to know that we introduced 3 new rackmount servers yesterday which incorporate Intel's latest .13u PIII chips on the day Intel announced the new chip. Also, you may want to stay tuned. We will be having more product announcements Monday and Tuesday.

Penguin Computing Inc., the first company that is "Simplifying the Solution Process" by removing the complexity involved in developing and deploying fully customized, Linux-based solutions, today announced three additions to its Relion line of servers, each incorporating the latest generation of Intel Pentium III processors.

"Our new core platforms have been engineered not only for performance and cost-effectiveness, but also for flexibility and extensibility," said Scott Weinbrandt, vice president of sales and marketing for Penguin Computing. "For Penguin Computing, these platforms are the first step in building highly customized solutions for customers, and they can be easily integrated into demanding and varied environments."

Penguin Computing's new servers are the Relion 105, Relion 225, and Relion 405.

The Relion 105 is an ideal general purpose server, built for such tasks as network monitoring and virtual private networking. The rack-dense 1U Relion 105 includes integrated dual 10/100 NICs, supports up to 1.13 GHz+ processors with a 133MHz front side bus, and allows for dual ATA-100 IDE drives.

The Relion 225 is an optimal application server, providing both availability and scalability in a rack-dense 2U form factor. It includes integrated dual 10/100 NICs, supports up to 1.26 GHz+ processors with a 133MHz front side bus, and allows for up to six hot-swappable 15K SCSI drives.

The Relion 405 is designed for optimal throughput and expansion, making it an ideal gateway and authentication server. The 4U Relion 405 includes an integrated 10/100 NIC, integrated dual channel SCSI, supports up to 1.26 GHz+ processors, and allows for up to six 5.25" bays.

In addition, Penguin Computing is offering a variety of comprehensive support options, professional services, and in-depth customization capabilities via its STS technologies. Complete technical specifications and pricing on the new Relion models, including professional services and support, are available at

About Penguin Computing
Penguin Computing Inc. ( is the first company that is Simplifying the Solution (STS) process by removing the complexity involved in developing and deploying fully-customized, Linux-based solutions. Founded in 1998 by Open Source advocate Sam Ockman, Penguin Computing is based in San Francisco, California and is privately held.

IDC predicts that the market for Linux servers will reach 1.9 million units by 2004, which Penguin Computing estimates to be equivalent to $5.7 billion. Penguin Computing pursues this emerging market by delivering fully integrated infrastructure solutions, professional services and support through cutting edge customization capabilities.

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