February 6, 2004

Pentium 4 875/865 Chipset Motherboards Under Linux

After a small break from motherboards, we're back with an all new review. This time we're bringing you some options
for the Pentium 4 processor. In today's Intel processor market there are two primary choices for chipsets, the Intel 865PE and the 875P. Both of these
chipsets are becoming known for their performance and reliability. We have two boards for you today, one featuring each chipset. We'll cover the
differences in these chipsets and then we'll analyze why you would want one over the other and then see how this holds true in the real world. Also,
we'll get in depth on the ABIT IS7-G and the SOYO P4I875P DRAGON 2 (Platinum Edition) boards and see what they have to offer us in the Linux world.

Link: linuxhardware.org


  • Linux
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