February 27, 2003

Perens, two others approved for board by SPI constituency

- by Tina Gasperson -
Only fifty-five percent of Software in the Public Interest's membership participated in the vote for new board of directors members last week. The three preferred candidates are Bruce Perens, John Goerzen, and Benjamin Mako Hill.The vote does not guarantee slots on the board for the candidates. The existing board must still hold its own vote to determine whether the three are acceptable, and if not, must make other selections in order to fulfill SPI's bylaws, which mandate an eight-to-twelve member board.

Benjamin Mako Hill is the Hardware Donations Manager for the Debian GNU/Linux project, and a founder of the Five College Linux User Group. He is a contributing writer for the upcoming book, Free/Open Source Software Development.

John Goerzen runs Complete.org, which provides storages space and Quux.org, a gopher site that houses digital books and old software, and provides storage space, mailing list, and gopher services for Free Software projects and charities.

Bruce Perens is one of the original founders of SPI. He left the organization to found the Open Source Initiative with fellow hacker Eric Raymond. Perens says he is ready to get involved again with SPI and that he's been "representing" SPI for the past several years anyway.

SPI conducted the voting process using the Condorcet method, in which voters express ranked preferences for candidates as opposed to simply choosing one favorite. The results, according to proponents of the system, provide a clearer picture of the "most preferred" candidates.


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