February 15, 2001

Perl & Python Active Awards

Author: JT Smith

Lori Pike writes "ActiveState is delighted to kick off the first annual Programmers' Choice and Activators' Choice Awards. We'd like to honor those unnamed heroes who've *actively* contributed to making Perl and Python the most popular open source programming languages.

Accordingly we'd like your input for the Programmers' Choice for Perl and Python. Know someone whose code design rocks? We'd like to hear from you!

We're also acknowledging those we deem worthy for their accomplishments with Perl and Python in an Activators' Choice award. Following a month long discussion period of late caffeine-filled nights, our dev team will through a rigorous evaluation process cast their votes for one deserving Perl and Python programmer.

Get out the vote and stay tuned?Winners will receive a cool trophy and will be announced March 6, 2001.


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