Persistent vs. Non-Persistent Workloads: the Admin’s Conundrum


Virtualization isn’t the answer to every problem in IT. There are plenty of workloads where neither containers nor hypervisors are the answer. The old problems of being able to easily provision, utilize and make highly available bare-metal workloads remain, so what options exist for the modern sysadmin?

Solutions to this problem can be largely divided into two groups: persistent and non-persistent workloads. For all intents and purposes, these break down into OpEx and CapEx problems, respectively. 

Non-Persistent(ish) Workloads 
The simplest method of making a workload non-persistent(ish) is simply to disconnect the storage from the compute. Using Fibre Channel or iSCSI LUNs delivered from centralized storage has been used for ages. If the server dies, who cares? Attach the LUNs to another server and off you go.

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