January 7, 2002

Personal cluster computer running on Linux

Author: JT Smith

ROCKETCALC LLC writes, ROCKETCALC announces Redstone, the first personal cluster computer. Approximately the size of a mid-tower PC (17x11x19.5in), Redstone contains eight Pentium processors connected by 100Mbps switched ethernet and up to 8GB PC-133 SDRAM. Redstone runs on Motor, an embedded Linux distribution developed by Rocketcalc, and is easily managed by Houston graphical cluster management software.

Redstone is designed to be easily integrated with Linux workstations and includes a CD-ROM collection of the most popular message-passing libraries and parallel utilities. Redstone is well-suited to parallel high-performance scientific computation, parallel application development, and classroom use.

For pricing information and available configurations, please visit the webpage http://www.rocketcalc.com or send an e-mail to info@rocketcalc.com.

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