January 31, 2003

PersonalWebtop Introduces New Account, Higher Speeds

Linux-Ferret writes: A month after the
launch of their PersonalWebtop service, Business IT Solutions World Wide
(BITSWW) is proud to announce two innovations: a faster connection to
the internet backbone and a less expensive account for beginning users
or those with more modest storage needs.

Both upgrades are
direct responses to customer demand. “As we've talked to customers
and potential customers over the last month,” explains COO Brendan
Hodge, “there are two requests we've consistently heard: lower financial
barrier of entry for those who are curious about the service but aren't
yet sure if they need a full size account, and more responsiveness in
the webtop interface. Our answer has been to increase the speed of our
connection and create the new MiniWebtop account.”

The PersonalWebtop
service is a combination Application Service Provider and secure online
storage solution allowing users access to their documents and over sixty
applications via a standard java-enabled web browser.

In addition to the
standard PersonalWebtop account with 1Gig of storage for $29.95/mo, customers
can now select the MiniWebtop account with 25mb of storage for $9.95/mo.
Customers who use the service heavily, the founders predict, will quickly
overrun the storage allocation on the MiniWebtop account. However for
occasional users (or users primarily using basic office applications),
the 25mb allocation may well fit their needs for many months, or even

Hodge hopes the new
MiniWebtop account will be especially useful to college students. “I
wish I could have had an account when I was in college. It's that simple.
I used to carry around floppies all the time, and hope that there'd a
computer available with the same application I'd written the file in.
Something I could just access from a web browser would have been a Godsend.”

To increase the speed
of the interface, BITSWW has teamed up with Birch Telecom, which is providing
a larger bandwidth pipe fewer hops from the internet backbone, as well
as informally helping with small business account promotion in the Austin

“It's been an
exciting first month,” says Hodge. “We've learned a lot of
things, but our biggest commitment remains the same: listening to what
our customers want, and providing secure, quality access to documents
and applications over the web.”

For more
information about the PersonalWebtop service or to test the demo, visit
The company website for Business IT Solutions World Wide resides at www.bitsww.com.

Link: http://www.personalwebtop.com

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