March 7, 2002

Peruvian Congress prepares to discuss Free Software law

Author: JT Smith

hlucar writes: "The Peruvian Congress is preparing to discuss the Free Software
Law Proposal
, presented by Congressman Edgar Villanueva. It would
give free software preference in government and state agencies.This initiative, the first in Peru (see text of
) has mobilized a great part of the free software
community in Peru, including local LUGs ,organizations such as, and
IT enterprises, in activities such as distributing fliers (see flier) to
gather support for the approval of the law.

There is a small
summary of activities here at Peru's GNU

Today (6 March 2002), a very important meeting in favorof
free software will take place. Members of Congress will analyze this
topic with the general public in a forum called "Free software - Why does
the state need a Free Software Law?"

The forum will try to explain
the importance of the use of free software. Topics such as independence,
adoption of standards, freedom of information and economic savings will be

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