December 13, 2005

PH Publishes: Point & Click!

Heather Fox writes "December, 2005—Prentice Hall Announces Publication of: Point & Click!

This book makes learning 2.0 easy…. Incredibly easy! 2.0 is all the office productivity software a desktop user will ever need for a Windows or Linux computer: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawing, even databases... and it’s free! In this book, expert and Open Source Technology Group (OSTG) editor-in-chief Robin ‘Roblimo’ Miller teaches the easy way—using the skills any average desktop user already has!

Robin, with input from several expert contributing authors, enables the reader to become productive in minutes-- which holds true even for novices! His visual instructions and compact chapters focus on one task at a time... plus, the signature “Point & Click” how-to video tutorials on CD-ROM present Robin demonstrating 20 essential tasks in bite-sized clips, including: how to add graphics to documents; how to make a spreadsheet; how to make and print charts and graphs; how to create and manipulate images; and how to work with slide shows and databases.

Point & Click! readers will master everything from formatting text documents to creating presentation slide shows and building “what-if” projections to designing flowcharts. There’s even bonus coverage of Firefox and Thunderbird, the fast, safe, free software for Web browsing and e-mail!

A second CR-ROM bundled with the book contains all the programs discussed: OpenOffice 2.0 for Windows and Linux, plus the Windows version of the latest Firefox Web browser and Thunderbird email software.

About the Author: Robin ‘Roblimo’ Miller is editor-in-chief for OSTG. He’s written extensively about computers and the Internet for OSTG’s sites, as well as The Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, MIT’s Technology Review, and many other sites and publications. One of modern interactive journalism’s creators, Robin has also authored Point and Click Linux (Prentice Hall, 2004) and The Online Rules of Successful Companies (FT Prentice Hall 2003).

Point & Click! (ISBN 0131879928) has an accompanying website, featuring a chapter for download here.
The book is currently available through major chain and independent booksellers worldwide and through online vendors at a suggested retail price of U.S. $29.99.

Early Praise:

“Robin’s book comes at the perfect time. With the extremely popular 2.0 release, more people will discover’s incredible value. A book like Robin’s is important because it helps people master the tools they need to get things done.”— Jeffrey Bates, VP Editorial Operations, cofounder

"Point & Click!" provided the help and made learning pleasant." -- Grant Fuller, Publications Director, Big Blue & Cousins: The Greater Victoria PC Users' Association

"Point & Click can be your portal to, opening the door to the power of this office suite."--- Clint Tinsley, Editor, Bits and Pieces, Idaho PC Users Group

"Robin 'Roblimo' Miller and the contributing authors handle like real pros." -- Robert Pritchett, MPN, LLC, Publisher- macCompanion

"I would recommend Point & Click! for anyone looking to get started with using OpenOffice 2.0.” -- Richard Rosenheim, SIG Leader, Windows Developer's SIG, Las Vegas PC User Group

“Cover to Cover in one read…I can’t tell you the last time I did that. Point & Click Open is a must read for those looking to make the move over to a very powerful and complete Office suite. Robin has done a fabulous job of presenting it in “PLAIN ENGLISH”. If you are considering or have moved over to OpenOffice, this is the book that you should have sitting on your desktop.”--- John Iasiuolo, Host of: Computer Outlook "


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