June 30, 2003

PHAkt 2.5.0 version released by InterAKT

InterAKT Online writes "The 2.5.0 version corrects all the known bugs and increases the product's database compatibility.

Notable improvements and bugfixes:
--Optimize http database driver;
--Logout User now works with register_globals=Off;
--Add support for new SQL types: float(x,y), decimal(x,y), enum, set;
--Added some improvements to ADOdb for Firebird commited by Trevor Watters;
--Solve some Mac compatibility problems;
--Added DB2 support (Experimental);
--Other minor bugfixes.

To be able to literally work on MACs with Dreamweaver MX, you should also install the InterAKT MAC Patch (see more about it at http://www.interakt.ro/products/bbs/view.php?prodI d=0&id_brd=4316).

See more on PHAkt 2.5.0 at: http://www.interakt.ro/products/PHAkt/"

Link: interakt.ro

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