February 4, 2002

Philippine Open Source company launched

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes: "Feb. 3, 2002 (CodeOpen). The Philippine's first software services company dedicated solely to the promotion of open source software, the Distributed Development Network (DDN), was launched on the World Wide Web on February 3, the anniversary of the Open Source initiative, amidst speculation and wonder about its radical business model.
Leading the impending breakout of the open source movement into the mainstream Philippine IT industry, DDN distributes, develops, and supports only open source products. Unlike proprietary counterparts such as Windows, the source code, or programming lines used to create software, of open source software is open to the public. Users can freely modify and redistribute open source applications provided they also make these applications open. As a result, open source software is often affordable or free, of very high quality, and much more stable and secure than commercial software.

DDN is unlike proprietary software vendors who charge exorbitant licensing fees for their software. "We intend to give practically all of the supported open source applications away", said Victor Serafica, Managing Partner of DDN. "We are compensated through our reasonably-priced support services, which includes training, customization, installation, and user support."

DDN is also putting in place an Open Source Developers Network. Called 2DNet, it is a pool of experienced open source software developers who are organized into teams to support DDN's projects. "This will allow us to support our clients without the risk of huge overhead costs," said Emmanuel Amador, one of DDN's partners. The Developers Network is tapping the members of various open source groups such as the Philippine Linux Users Group (PLUG).

In addition, DDN also launched a new website to support the development efforts of the local open source community. Called CodeOpen, the website is a repository of available open source information as well as a place where developers can promote and link their current open source software projects, enabling others to cooperate in the development process. Users can access CodeOpen at http://www.codeopen.com.

DDN also takes pride in its completely open and transparent business model. "Our books, research initiatives, company structure, the very way we do business, shall be open for all to see," Serafica said. "We believe honesty and transparency are the best way to win the trust of our clients and the open source community," Amador added.

DDN's website is at: http://www.distdev.com.

The Developers' Network is at: http://2dnet.distdev.com

Contact email: info@distdev.com"

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