January 28, 2013

A Philosophy To Suck Less

dwm-20100318sAt times, I feel like I’m a bit on my own in my opinions of software. Most of it is too big, too bloated, and tries to do too many things while doing none of them well. I like to keep a minimalist approach to the servers I maintain, running only the software that I absolutely need, and nothing more. So, it feels like a breath of fresh air to find suckless.org, “software that sucks less”.

While most of my ideas about server setup and design are from a sysadmin’s level, the members of the suckless.org community are focused on far deeper problems, citing issues with core libraries and programming languages. For example, under their Stuff that sucks page:

These libraries are broken/considered harmful and should not be used if it’s possible to avoid them. If you use them, consider looking for alternatives.

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