February 7, 2002

Phoenix Developers Consortium IRC conference Sunday

Author: JT Smith

Damien Mc Kenna writes, "The Phoenix Developers' Consortium (http://phinixi.com, aka PDC, aka Phoenix), an open-access group of software and hardware developers, is having an open-house IRC conference this coming Sunday, the 10th of February, at 5pm GMT.

Date:Sunday, 10th February 2002
Time:5:00 pm GMT

This meeting will be in two sections:

  • Channel #Phoenix is open for everyone to chat, both members and prospective members.
  • There is a closed channel for NDA-covered discussions. NDA-signed members will be invited into a closed channel for NDA-covered discussions. Members who are new to the server will be told how to join upon arrival.

At the PDC we have been developing plans for several months and are looking for as many members to join in our efforts as possible, in particular we are particularly looking for extra programmers.

The full list of topics for discussion will be available on the day.

This is the first in what will be a regular series of open-house IRC conferences, to be held monthly.

See you there!

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