September 19, 2002

Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG) installfest

Lee Einer writes: "The PLUG invites public and press to attend the second 2002 Linux Installfest. Experienced Linux administrators will be present to answer questions and to provide the public with free Installation of Linux, a free operating system acknowledged by many experts to be more powerful, stable and secure than MicroSoft Windows. The free installation will include free web browsers, free office suites, and other software applications that computer users expect. Those who wish to experiment with Linux while keeping their current operating systems can access either operating system simply by restarting their computers."
Attendees wishing to have Linux installed on their Computers need only bring their box, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Those who connect to the internet using a dial-up modem should bring the modem also.

Presentations and demonstrations of Linux gaming and eductional software and other topics will be held throughout the day.

Corporate sponsors for this event include the Open Source Education Foundation, the Arizona Open Technology Organization, Sun Microsystems, Red Hat, Inc, Debian Linux, Unity Wave LLC, and O'Reilly and Associates .

When: Saturday, September 28, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Where: Glendale Community College Student Union, 59th Avenue and Olive, Glendale, Arizona.

Why: We believe in freedom-the freedom of choice. We are offering free installation of Linux to allow members of our community their free choice of operating systems and applications.

Who: PLUG is a group of Linux users in the Phoenix area who come together to share their common interest in Linux and Open Source software. PLUG holds several monthly meetings, both in the West and East Phoenix Metro Areas. Knowledge of Linux is neither presumed nor required as a condition of participation. Between meetings and events, PLUG members stay in touch though a busy e-mail discussion list. For more information, visit



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