May 2, 2005

PHP AdWords API library released

Author: Mena Mehmedova

Mirchev Ideas announced the release of PHP AdWords API Lib, a middle-tier library for access to the Google AdWords API. This library is the first and only tool that turns the interaction with Google AdWords API into a simple programming task.

This product hits the market just one month after Google has officially released their AdWords API program. The API allows developers engineer computer programs that interact directly with the AdWords server. This possibility offers advertisers to automate their ad campaigns.

Google AdWords API is a web service based on the SOAP protocol. In a nutshell, custom ad management programs generate requests, encoded in XML format, and use the common HTTP protocol to send data to Google for processing. This setup allows flexibility, but also involves complicated processing.

When the programming language of choice is PHP one has little choice of pre-made SOAP-related libraries. The most popular seem to be PEAR SOAP and NuSOAP. Although they prove helpful, there is a lot to be done. They both lack certain features and have bugs, requiring special work-arounds. Last but not least, NuSOAP and PEAR SOAP appear to be hard to learn, complicated to work with and very time-consuming.

And here PHP AdWords API Lib comes: The API Lib efficiently serves to Search Engine Marketing professionals and developers as a quick-start tool for handling the programming issues that pertain to AdWords API services.

The API Lib proves very functional as it, firstly, implements all functions and data types provided by AdWords API and, secondly, smoothly works with NuSOAP and PEAR SOAP - the two suggested PHP libraries for low-level connection to the AdWords server.

âThe API Lib comes a long way in a short time, with no shortage of functionalityâ said Georgi Mirchev, the managing director of Mirchev Ideas. âThis will save a lot of programming time and cut the code for access to the AdWords API by more than 5 times. It also spares plenty of efforts in research, development and bug finding, and grants complete functionality as specified by the AdWords API services. Not only does it facilitate the access [to AdWords API services], but it also prevents low-level obstacles in the process of integrating software programs with the AdWords server."

The API Lib provides advantages not only to software developers, but also to Search Engine Marketing professionals who run large-budget ad campaings. The less they face problems in low-level development and operation, the better they can focus on core activities. This tool will accelerate the development of custom ad management programs, thus leaving time for managers to create competitive advertising.

Additional information on PHP AdWords API Lib is available at, by sending email to or by calling +3592 870 55 66.


Google AdWords API is a new service of Google Inc., which allows advertisers to programmatically access their AdWords accounts. Using the AdWords API, advertisers can create and manage campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and creatives. The core messaging technology for the AdWords API is SOAP, which is an XML and HTTP-based protocol with wide support in the industry. The AdWords API uses document/literal style SOAP 1.1.


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