July 20, 2006

PHP-GTK 2 Alpha Released

Author: Scott Mattocks

Scott Mattocks writes "The PHP-GTK team is pleased to announce the release of PHP-GTK 2.0.0alpha.

This is the first release of PHP-GTK 2. PHP-GTK 2 is a PHP extension that combines the power and flexibility of both PHP 5 and GTK+ 2 to allow developers to create stand-alone desktop GUI applications using PHP.

This is a preview release that should be used only with the understanding that the software may contain bugs and that certain minor features may need to be adjusted before the final release. We encourage widespread testing and feedback via the PHP-GTK development mailing list.

PHP-GTK 2.0.0alpha can be downloaded from the PHP-GTK website: http://gtk.php.net/download.php

Users looking for help with the new release are encouraged to read the PHP-GTK 2 manual or contact the PHP-GTK General mailing list."


  • PHP
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