November 28, 2005

PHP Point Of Sale 9.0 Released

Chris Muench writes "The PHP Point Of Sale project is proud to announce the release of PHP Point Of Sale 9.0. This release adds many requested features and fixes many bugs.

New Features:

  • 2 new reports added! All Brands Report and All Categories Report.
  • Added item level discounts (Managed via Items Home Screen)
  • Added global sale discounts (Via Sale interface)
  • Added reorder level for items so you can set a quantity that items should be reordered it. You can then quickly view what items need to be reordered.
  • The database can now be backed up via the home screen with one click!
  • Only one sales interface is used, there is no longer a non-barcode sales interface. Instead there is a hybrid interface.
  • Out of stock warnings are shown next to items before adding to a sale.
  • Fixed small bug in form class where a URL would not be parsed correctly if there were spaces.
  • Fixed bug in installer where it did not check if the database the user entered existed.
  • Fixed minor security bug where user could change non-critical settings without being logged in.
  • Portuguese language file is no longer included in the project.


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