phpBeans – Enterprise PHP Objects

John Luxford writes “Canadian content management vendor Simian Systems announces phpBeans, the first n-tier development platform for PHP.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – December 10, 2004 – Simian Systems Inc. (, makers of the Sitellite Content Management System, today announced the release of phpBeans (, a standard for implementing true enterprise-level applications in the PHP programming language. phpBeans is a standard which defines a method of allowing objects to communicate seamlessly across separate machines, called remote method invocation (RMI), making n-tier development in PHP possible, which up until now has not been possible in PHP. phpBeans provides specifications and reference implementations of the phpBeans Object Server, the phpBeans Protocol, and the phpBeans Client API.

phpBeans Object Server
The phpBeans Object Server is an object container that allows authenticated transactions to occur between clients connecting to the server and objects contained in the server. The phpBeans Object Server also provides facilities for easy object persistence.

The phpBeans Object Server is available both under the GNU General Public License (GPL) as well as a commercial license for companies whose business objectives are not conducive to the GPL’s approach.

phpBeans Client API
The phpBeans Client API is a library available for PHP, as well as other programming languages, that allows programmers to connect and make requests to a remote phpBeans Object Server.

The Client APIs are available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), which allows them to be used for any purpose, either Open Source or Commercial.

phpBeans Protocol
The phpBeans Protocol is a simple, fast, and efficient communication layer over which phpBeans transactions are sent. “phpBeans is a stateful protocol, making it much better suited for RMI purposes than SOAP or XML-RPC.” explains John Luxford, Simian president and chief developer, and creator of phpBeans. “phpBeans was built with that specific goal in mind, since no other technology in PHP had adequately solved it.”

phpBeans is more than just software. It is primarily a series of specifications that will help produce a true standard for n-tier development and RMI in PHP and other programming languages. “In making phpBeans a set of specifications instead of just another piece of software, we hope to foster real growth of PHP’s presence in the Enterprise application space. We feel that PHP and other scripting languages present many currently unrealized benefits to the Enterprise software community, but in order for PHP to gain acceptance it needs to increase its focus on Web Standards. PHP5 is a big step towards that, phpBeans is the next logical step.” said John Luxford.

The phpBeans specifications as well as the server and client software are available immediately from the phpBeans Web site (

About Simian Systems Inc.
Simian Systems ( is a Canadian content management vendor, whose flagship product is the Sitellite Content Management System (CMS), an easy-to-use and powerful CMS written in PHP. Since January 2001, Simian Systems has provided companies internationally with innovative PHP-based content management and web-based software solutions.

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