June 16, 2006

PHPEclipse: A user guide published!

Kshipra Singh writes "The fusion of Eclipse, the leading open source development environment, and PHP is an exciting prospect for web developers.

Packt Publishing has published an interesting book, PHPEclipse: A user guide, to help the phpEclipse community.

With this book you will begin with installing and configuring PHPEclipse, before moving onto a tour of the Eclipse environment, familiarizing you with its main components. As a plug-in to Eclipse, PHPEclipse is able to harness the platform to provide a rich and powerful development experience.

For helping you improve the efficiency of your PHP coding, the book details the powerful editing features of PHPEclipse, and shows you how to use it to better organize your application code.

You will see how PHPEclipse helps you throughout the development lifecycle, and learn how to use PHPEclipse's debugger to troubleshoot and step through your PHP code as it executes. The book rounds off with coverage of accessing databases and managing source code from within the Eclipse environment. For the final step for your application, you will learn how to deploy your site to a production server

Written in a concise and friendly style, packed with tips and a practical project, this book will instruct you on using PHPEclipse to make your PHP application development more efficient, and cut development time.

This book is written for PHP developers who want an open source development environment for creating web applications. You do not need any knowledge of Java or prior experience of Eclipse to use this book.

More details about the book are available at:

A sample chapter can be read at:
http://www.packtpub.com/files/phpEclipse_Chapter8_ Deploying_Your_Site.pdf"

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