January 26, 2004

Pictures at a Linux exhibition: LinuxWorld wrapup

Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

This is the third (and final) post in our series of LinuxWorld snapshots. Don't look for fine photographic art here; these are candid shots taken in bad light with a bottom-of-the-line, fixed focus HP Phtotosmart 320 digital camera, posted without any digital processing after the fact, along with some commentary about the people and displays that were at this "last time in NYC" edition of LinuxWorld.LinuxWorld has become a truly corporate event, attended by IT people from companies of all sizes that are either moving to Linux or thining about it. This was its last year in New York; the east coast version of the show migrates to Boston next winter. There's no need to comment about the silliness of having a mid-winter event in Boston instead of Miami, Phoenix or someplace else with a warmer climate. Plenty of other people have already groaned about this lack of weather conciousness, but it's IDG's show and they can have it wherever they want.

Several New York Linux organizations are reportedly planning to put on some sort of non-profit Linux expo next year to replace the departing IDG show, and we've heard that members of the Linux Desktop Consortium (and possibly other groups) are talking about holding smaller, regional Linux conferences in parts of the U.S. that have been overlooked by "major" show organizers.

I'll admit that I personally prefer smaller conferences held in low-cost cities with plentiful "discount" airline connections because they bring more Linux information to more people -- and they're more fun to attend. But there is still a need for one or two giant shows annually organized by a major company like IDG, and NewsForge will keep sending reporters to U.S. LinuxWorlds wherever they are held.

But enough of that. Let's look at some of the people we met at the LinuxWorld that just ended....

Bruce Perens, tired on the show's last day. He said the best piece of swag he found was the "IEEE chapstick, because of the irony."
Famous Linux driver writer and Beowulf clustering guru Donald Becker

The Linux Desktop Consortium was out in force.

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The Linux Test Project people don't get nearly as much press as they deserve. We'll write about them before long.
Linux Magazine staff people said they had a very successful show, signed up many new subscribers.
Long-time Linux advocate (and NewsForge contributor) Russ Pavlicek.

No Starch Press publisher (and APress cofounder) William Pollock.

Dance Dance Revolution is always popular at LinuxWorld.

Penguin Computing founder Sam Ockman

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Several readers asked about business accounting packages for Linux. OSAS says they have them -- and 25 years of cross-platform experience. (We'll write about them soon.)

Linux security expert Jay Beale speechifies in front of a rapt audience.

They lined up to buy Linux books at the Prentice Hall booth.


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