October 13, 2005

Pie Box Enterprise Linux 4 AS U2 now available

Nigel Jewell writes "Update 2 of Pie Box Enterprise Linux 4 was made available today. This
update includes the following enhancements:
  • Improved support for dual-core processors
  • Improved Logical Volume Management administration tool
  • Improved kernel crash dump analysis tools
  • New CAPP-style system auditing capabilities
  • New kernel key ring facility & tools
  • New OpenPegasus WBEM/CIM management tools for standards based
    system monitoring & control
  • New SCTP run-time library & command-line tools
  • New user-level libraries for IPMI support & updated OpenIPMI
    driver support
  • New iSCSI software initiator support & tools
  • New device-mapper based multipath I/O support
  • Driver updates including 3c59x, cciss, cio, crypto, CTC-MPC,
    e100, e1000, ipw2100, ixgb, libata, lpfc, megaraid_mbox, megaraid_mm,
    mptbase, qeth, qla2100, qla2200, qla2300, qla2322, qla2xxx, qla6312,
    sata_ahci, sata_qstor, sata_sil, sata_svw, sata_via, tg3 and zfcp
  • Security updates, bug fixes and feature enhancements to numerous
    system packages

Pie Box Enterprise Linux 4 is aimed at people who need a stable OS
with a long lifespan but don't want an expensive bundled support
contract. It is derived from open source software with only four
packages modified in order to replace trademarks and logos with our
own. Features of Pie Box Enterprise Linux 4 include the
Linux 2.6 kernel, SELinux, GNOME 2.8, Samba 3.0, Logical Volume Manager
2, PCI Express support and NFSv.4.

Further information regarding Pie Box Enterprise Linux 4 and
subscriptions to the Updates service may be found at www.piebox.com.

PixExcel, based in the United Kingdom, recognised the demand for
enterprise quality Linux software that does not come bundled with an
expensive support contract. This led to the release of Pie Box
Enterprise Linux 3 AS back in April 2004. Since then PixExcel has been
supplying a growing client base ranging from the home enthusiast to
multi-million pound corporations. These clients share one thing in
common - they demand a quality product but are sufficiently skilled to
operate it without the expense of a support contract.

Pie Box Enterprise Linux is a Linux distribution that is
derived from open source software. Linux
is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks are
the property of their respective owners."

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