April 24, 2003

PIKA Technologies Announces Linux Support

Irene Crosby writes "PIKA Technologies Announces Linux Support. PIKA Technologies voice cards and SDK to support open-source Linux by Q2. Ottawa, Canada, April 24, 2003 - PIKA Technologies Inc. announced today that their award-winning PIKA MonteCarlo software developer kit (SDK) and MM-series digital- and analog-interface voice and fax cards will include support for the Linux operating system (OS) from leading Linux provider, Red Hat, Linux version 7.3.

The added Linux support complements the companys current support for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP, thereby enhancing the choice of OSs available to application developers. PIKA Technologies innovative hardware and software subsystems allow developers to voice- and fax-enable voice services applications, audio recorders, PC-PBXs, and conferencing systems.

Research from IDC indicates that Linux will be the fastest-growing OS environment over the next five years with a compound annual growth of 28% [1]. Linux meets the needs of the developer community and the result is a widespread and growing acceptance for the OS. PIKA Technologies has been developing a Linux-based platform over the past year and a number of developers are currently working with the Alpha load.

As a long-time customer of PIKA Technologies' hardware products, we were very pleased to learn they would support Linux, said Larry Westrick, President, RSVP. Their alpha load met our expectations and migration of our application to their Linux-based API went smoothly. I believe their Linux-supported voice cards will enable us to deploy more cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Developers are embracing Linux for its flexibility, reliability, openness and cost-effectiveness, said Terry Atwood, Vice President Sales, Marketing and Customer Care, PIKA Technologies. Delivering support for Linux reinforces our commitment to continually deploy the technologies developers need.

PIKA Technologies Linux-based support is expected to be ready for deployment this summer.

[1] IDCs research as quoted by Open Source Development Lab (OSDL), a global consortium of leading technology companies dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux in enterprise computing, April 21, 2003.

About PIKA Technologies
PIKA Technologies designs and manufactures computer plug in voice cards that connect a computer system to the telephone network to provide advanced phone services. For more than 15 years PIKA Technologies has been serving companies around the world that require voice cards to design sophisticated phone services for recording systems, voice services applications, PC-PBX systems, and conferencing systems. The company has built a reputation for delivering exceptional technical support by working closely with its customers. Headquartered in Ottawa, ON, Canada, the company has ranked in The Branham300, an authoritative ranking of successful Canadian high tech firms, for two consecutive years. Visit www.pikatechnologies.com or call +1-613-591-1555 for more information.

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