Piston OpenStack 3.0 Arrives, Focused on Private Clouds


Piston Cloud Computing, which has been focused on the OpenStack cloud computing platform, today announced, in conjunction with an Intelemage customer announcement, a new release of Piston OpenStack, the company’s OpenStack distribution for orchestrating private clouds. Piston is notable for its involvement with the original cloud project that became OpenStack, and for its heavy involvement with the OpenStack Foundation and the Cloud Foundry Community Advisory Board. Piston is going so far as to call its latest release “the last OpenStack you’ll ever try.”

Piston officials are claiming that total cost of ownership (TCO) for its OpenStack distribution will be far lower than costs for other platforms. Piston OpenStack 3.0 is available now, and may be downloaded free for 90 days at http://www.pistoncloud.com/start. After the 90-day free trial period, Piston OpenStack is available through an annual software subscription license, which includes an automated, online update service and access to 24×7 customer support.


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