Piston’s Josh McKenty Weighs In on OpenStack Compatibility, Market Saturation


There are some interesting discussions going on regarding the OpenStack cloud computing platform and industry standards. Last August, we covered former Microsoftie and noted tech blogger Robert Scoble’s Google+ post saying that OpenStack would be sidetracked by any attempt to build in API compatibility with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Meanwhile, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger said that the OpenStack platform is “immature,” in terms of standards.

Now, in a discussion with Forbes, Piston co-founder Josh McKenty is discussing the standards issue, and compatibility, in more depth.

McKenty was, of course, one of the initial project drivers for OpenStack, and he knows the platform’s roots as well as its roadmap. There have been many recent initiatives surrounding structured compatibility testing for OpenStack, and Red Hat, among others, is certifying technologies for compatibility with OpenStack.


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