Pkgsrc Lecture to be at LinuxFest Northwest

Guest writes “A lecture presenting Pkgsrc, the software build and packaging
system, will be given at LinuxFest Northwest 2004 on Saturday, April 17
in Bellingham, Washington, USA.
This Pkgsrc presentation will be at 10:00 a.m.

Pkgsrc is a portable package building system for Linux, NetBSD, Darwin,
Mac OS X, Irix, SunOS/Solaris, AIX, HPUX, BSD/OS, FreeBSD, Windows and
other operating systems for managing nearly 5000 software suites. It
includes a categorized collection of specifications and scripts
that help automate downloading, comparing checksums, patching, configuring,
building, installing and packaging software suites. Pkgsrc also
provides package installation and maintenance tools (like pkg_add,
pkg_info, pkg_delete and others).

Pkgsrc is originally based on the FreeBSD ports system and is similar
to Gentoo Linux’s package building and installation system. Pkgsrc
is primarily maintained and developed by the NetBSD project. Pkgsrc
can be used to install third-party or add-on software using consistent
tools, configurations, and install locations in a diverse network.

The lecture will be given by Jeremy C. Reed, a
NetBSD developer and
trainer for
Puget Sound Technology.
In addition to helping maintain Pkgsrc for NetBSD,
he uses the Pkgsrc tools and collection for FreeBSD, BSD/OS and
to provide all packages for a custom Linux distribution.

The lecture will introduce many advanced Pkgsrc features, such as
optional depot-style installs, custom configuration file locations,
rc.d (RCng) scripts, automated wrappers for build system and consistent
build environments and more. Reed will discuss using Pkgsrc as a
system for building and installing customized and up-to-date software
from source. And he will also cover using Pkgsrc to create packages
that can be distributed and used for systems without any build
environment needs.

More information about Pkgsrc can be found at

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