March 2, 2006

Plainblack Recognizes Community Contributions

Roy Johnson writes "Plainblack Corporation, makers of the WebGUI Content Management System announced today the recognition of their third featured contributor as part of the People Behind WebGUI campaign. The People Behind WebGUI campaign is intended to raise community awareness about WebGUI and the people who's dedication have made it what it is today.

This months fetured contributor is Martin Kamerbeek. Martin has contributed many features to WebGUI including his latest SQLForm wobject. This new feature, which has been accepted for inclusion into WebGUI 7.0 core, allows content managers to create powerful database forms and their underlying table structures using a wizard based format. Features include regular expression field constraints, input validation, and table joins all user definable through a simple interface.

Contributors like Martin are responsible for making WebGUI the most powerful, feature rich, content management platform on the market today. To learn more about Martin and his experiences with WebGUI, visit and click on "The People Behind WebGUI".

About Plainblack:

Plainblack Corporation,, headquartered in Grayslake, IL. is the creator of the WebGUI Content Management System and application framework. WebGUI is an open source framework designed to provide maximum flexibility yet retain ease of use so that the average business user can maintain a website. In addition, Plainblack provides full service solutions around the WebGUI platform including hosting, training, development, support, and design for enterprises, individuals and everyone in between."

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