April 2, 2001

PlanetPenguin starts listening attack

Author: JT Smith

Maurice Renck writes: "
RadioTux is an internet-radio on demand. For 14 days you have the possibility to listen to the broadcast online with the realplayer or offline as mpeg3-file.
After these 14 days a new broadcast will go online.

The station reports about Linuxevents, interviews linuxpeople and takes a look at the Linuxszene. The first broadcast is available since April the 1st 2001 and can be found at http://www.radiotux.de The broadcast is only in german, yet.

LinuxSys now online
After a long time the PlanetPenguin-Member-Site LinuxSys has gone online, too.
The site offers informations about popular distributions, a big howto section, bookreviews
and a messageboard. The different section will be published step by step.

Linux4us with new layout
The german Linuxinformation-site is now online.
It offers news linuxtipps and reports.

Apps4Linux searches for help
The german software-archive is searching for members, who are interessted to add new applications into the database and to update the existing data. Interessted people should mail to mails@apps4linux.org Of course user are still able to post software on the homepage.

New Linuxuser are now able to search for software-alternatives. They can search for windows-programs and get alternative linuxsoftware. This feature can be found at http://www.apps4linux.org/searchalter.php3


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