Platform-as-a-Service: The Key to Running a Continuous Deployment Pipeline


“As developers, we want to be spending time creating and pushing features, we do not want to have to worry about platforms and talking to operations. [It’s all about] getting feedback and getting those features in the hands of users,” he said.

“We want to deploy apps down a pipeline [and we] need PaaS to build a platform to deploy microservices,” he said. “The only way to effectively manage high-risk platforms is continuous deployment.”

Reasons Not to Build Your Own PaaS

Dodd offered a lot of excuses that teams make up to build their own PaaS that, in the end, really slow down business and that tie releases to the few “superheroes” on a team. All this collapses as soon as there are changes on your team or infrastructure. Building your own customized PaaS creates the following challenges:

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