November 12, 2003

PlatinumSolutions EVMS Helps FBI Find Data

PlatinumSolutions News writes "Powerful, investigative tool quickly locates case information from digital media.

Reston, VA - (October 28, 2003) - PlatinumSolutions, Inc., a recognized leader in IT collaboration and integration for the federal government, announced the delivery of the Evidentiary Metadata System Version 1.0 (EVMS) to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) division. The latest of PlatinumSolutions systems for the FBI, EVMS will give law enforcement the ability to query and pinpoint specific data on confiscated media including hard, floppy or removable drives; backup media, CDs, PDAs and other data recording devices. EVMS allows law enforcement to more efficiently evaluate digital evidence, solve crimes and present evidence in court.

When applied to a set of files, EVMS captures and identifies each file, generates a pre-defined list of data elements in collaboration with CART, reads the file and headers, extracts information and stores it in the searchable database. The EVMS search tool then provides a list of relevant files from that file set based on the search. Examples of sought evidence include child pornography, questionable accounting files and evidence of terrorist activities.

EVMS catalogs and searches all contents, including text, pictures, PDFs, multimedia audio and video files, web documents and email. EVMS is particularly useful in searching files that have been intentionally hidden or deleted.

Built on the Eclipse open source platform, EVMS is a cross-platform application that generates useful data in an XML-based schema.

PlatinumSolutions has enjoyed a favorable and ongoing relationship with the FBI since the companys inception, said Adam Rossi, PlatinumSolutions President. We are recognized within the law enforcement, justice and homeland security communities for our ability to integrate and analyze tremendous amounts of data and to make this data accessible to agencies and departments as appropriate. As the FBI has been beta testing EVMS, the system has proven its ability to pinpoint the location of data of interest. Certainly we see the potential for a system like this for other divisions and agencies, said Rossi.

About PlatinumSolutions PlatinumSolutions ( of Reston, VA, is truly a leader in providing integration and collaboration solutions for the federal government, with particular expertise in law enforcement, intelligence and homeland security. Commercial industries served include telecom and financial services. PlatinumSolutions professionals are leaders within the open source community and key developers of the Keel open source meta-framework for web-based applications.


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