December 21, 2002

Playstation adopts Linux

An anonymous coward writes "It seems that many big "players" are adopting Linux. The makers of Playstation have anounced a kit to install an operating system on the Playstation 2. Linux seems to be their OS of choice. 15014836.asp

I do not know much about the "gaming systems" but I think I saw a chart in the news paper indicating that Plastation comprised 80% of the market. Is this Sony's move to compete with X-box?

A pretty sly move on the part of Playstation if you ask me. I compare it to Apple placing computers in classrooms. Being compelled to use them in the classroom at no cost created a loyal following for quite a while. Moreover it is likely a much less expensive move for Sony.

Well it got my attention enough that there is now one under the tree for my boy."



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