August 8, 2002

Plesk announces Ensim Migration Program

Plesk (TM), Inc., the market leader in
automated Web hosting software, announced today its "Migration Express," a
service for Plesk customers that is designed to let them migrate from other
vendors' legacy control panels onto the Plesk Server Administrator (PSA)
platform for improved server-infrastructure economics.
The Migration Express is combined of advanced software tools and
professional services. As part of Plesk's introductory promotion for its
customers, users of Ensim's WEBppliance for Linux® can immediately quality
for free professional services - giving them the fastest and most effective
migration path available to the dominant hosting automation platform.
Throughout the year, Plesk will roll out other Migration Express packages
and promotions for the Sphera HostingDirector, Sun Cobalt(TM) RaQ3 and RaQ4
appliances, and other control panels.

"In keeping with our customer-first philosophy, we developed Migration
Express in response to the requests from customers and prospects who are
eager to make the move from WEBppliance to PSA," said George Pappas,
president and CEO of Plesk. "After a thorough analysis of the requirements,
Migration Express represents the most comprehensive collection of tools and
professional services designed explicitly to help these data center
professionals rapidly realize a greater ROI on their server

"We found that PSA provided us with the superior ease-of-use that we were
able to pass along to our customers," said Richard Culp, network engineer at "In terms of ease of installation, ease of customer use and
ease of navigation, PSA was the hands-down winner over Ensim's WEBppliance.
We have been much happier since we moved to Plesk."

Based in Dover, Delaware, Delaware.Net ( is a one-stop shop
for hosting, Web-site design, domain registration, broadband access, and

The Migration Express for WEBppliance

Ensim WEBppliance for Linux customers that want to migrate to PSA will

  • Migration of all client/domain information from the WEBppliance database
    into the PSA database.
  • Minimal down time of their servers.
  • Content migration from WEBppliance hosts to PSA hosts.
  • Migration of email accounts settings.
  • Migration of WEBppliance FTP and email passwords to the PSA encrypted

To qualify for Migration Express, a Plesk customer must have purchased a new
unlimited-domain license of PSA at list price, between August 1 and
September 30, 2002. Migration Express for WEBppliance for Linux pertains
only to versions 2.4 through 3.0. Qualified Ensim WEBppliance for Linux
users must transfer to Plesk appropriate licenses and related documents.
Some changes may apply. The promotion for free Migration Express
professional services for Ensim WEBppliance for Linux users lasts through
September 30, 2002.

Plesk's Migration Express for WEBppliance is currently available. For
additional information contact or
call 703.815.5670.

Plesk Server Administrator

PSA substantially reduces the support requirements for Web hosting providers
and enterprise users. PSA liberates technical support staff from the tedium
of manual tasks and instead allows them to focus on more important,
value-added services that increase customer acquisition and retention. PSA
has been architected to provide a full range of Web hosting automation
benefits throughout the reseller channel and to the ultimate enterprise

About Plesk, Inc.

Plesk, Inc. develops, markets and supports software that simplifies and
automates the full range of server configuration and management tasks
required for Web hosting. Using point-and-click user interfaces presented
through standard Web browsers, Plesk Server Administrator enables
non-technical customers and Web hosting companies to manage their own
domains, and Web hosting companies and their service resellers to deliver
better and faster customer support at lower cost. In less than two years,
Plesk software has earned the enthusiastic praise and loyalty of hundreds of
Web hosting companies and thousands of their customers. HostingTech
Magazine in November 2001 wrote "In the load test, there was no discernable
difference in performance during heavy CPU usage times. Speed and
simplicity are why Plesk has perhaps the best selling of all the control
panels." For more information about Plesk, visit
or call (888) 209-8900.

"Plesk" and "Plesk Server Administrator" are trademarks of Plesk, Inc. All
other product, service and company names are the trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective holders.

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