April 4, 2005

pLog 1.0 available, project looking for members!

Oscar Renalias writes "pLog is a PHP open-source blogging platform with enticing features for both big blogging communities and casual bloggers alike. pLog is multi-blog and multi-user out of the box, and end users will enjoy its friendly user interface, its generation of clean XHTML code, a built-in bayesian anti-spam filter, its customizability and how easy it is to integrate content such as images or files with our posts. Other exciting features include a template system with cache and support for conditional HTTP requests, native support for subdomains and customizable URLs without the need for mod_rewrite, a powerful OOP API and plugin system, and is fully localizable from the ground up. pLog 1.0 also offers over 30 plugins and 50 additional template sets that allow limitless customization of your blog or user community. pLog 1.0 can be downloaded from the project's SF.net page.

The latest version is already being used in thousands of user communities out there and the version 1.0 tag means that the project has come of age after all the 0.x releases.

The project is looking to raise people's awareness of its existance and goals as well as being on the lookout for new project members and developers. If you think that you can help, please stop by our forums or drop us a line at info__AT__plogworld.net."

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