November 22, 2005

pLog becomes LifeType

Michael Erdmann writes "pLog, one of the world's leading open source Weblog platforms this week announced its change of name to LifeType. LifeType is a multi-user, multi-weblog platform equally suited for blog-hosting and personal weblog installations based on PHP and MySQL.

The steadily growing popularity of pLog through out the last year made aware of the weblog project. Amazon has registred the word "plog" as a trademark before the pLog weblog project started back in 2003. They contacted the project team, kindly offering them support for registering new domains and rebranding their whole project. On November the 1th, the official transition from pLog to LifeType started with the going public of three project websites: ( is the main project site providing support forums ( and documentation ( through a wiki, ( for the german community and ( for the chinese speaking community."

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