PLUMgrid Advances SDN with CloudSecure


Software Defined Networking (SDN) vendor PLUMgrid is helping to secure it product portfolio and its customers with a new technology it calls CloudSecure. The goal with CloudSecure is to help provide policy and structure for organizations to build secure micro-segmented networking in the cloud.

“PLUMgrid CloudSecure is a virtual security solution that consists of ONS, Cloudapex and the ecosystem partners to isolate, protect, and monitor north-south, east-west, and intra-host traffic between VMs and containers,” Pere Monclus, CTO of PLUMgrid, told EnterpriseNetworking Planet. “We are building on top of micro-segmentation/security policies/service insertion, and introducing policy-based virtual tap with ONS 6.0 and Security View with CloudApex 2.0.

ONS is PLUMgrid’s OpenStack Networking Suite providing overlay networking capabilities for cloud networking.

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