March 29, 2003

PlumpOS Released: Successor to clump/os

Bruce Knox, openMosix Project writes "At last, the successor to the highly popular clump/os has arrived. With a new name, a new author, a new logo, and based upon openMosix, PlumpOS has finally been released.

Peter Willis brings us PlumpOS which began as a port of clump/os with the assistance of its author Jean-David Marrow. Along the way PlumpOS has gone from port to a complete rewrite. But PlumpOS still resembles the original clump/os in intent which is to be a solution on a CD-ROM for adding new nodes to an existing cluster.

PlumpOS release: 6.9 RC1 includes pretty much every "latest" openMosix version past 2.4.18 (thatâs 2.4.18 4, 2.4.18 smp 4, 2.4.19 migshm 6, 2.4.19 7, 2.4.19 smp 7, 2.4.20 2, 2.4.20 smp 2, 2.4.20 cvs 2). Each individual kernel plus modules/config file/ file are in tarballs on the PlumpOS site, plus a pre-made ISO with all the kernels (weighing in at 45.4MB gzipped) and a tar.gz which allows you to customize and make your own ISO (weighing in at only 6.1MB) with the 2.4.20 cvs 2 kernel included by default. That includes a version with the still experimental migshm patch from the MAASK Groupâs openMosix shared memory migration project.

Then there is the project website and the humorous new logo. The site includes FAQ, List, Downloads and much more information including thank you notes acknowledging PlumpOSâ predecessor and the logo artists.

PlumpOS is a CD-based Linux/openMosix mini-distribution designed to allow users to quickly, or temporarily, add nodes to an existing openMosix Linux Cluster.

More information is available at:.

openMosix is a Linux kernel extension for single-system image (SSI) clustering that allows building a cluster from ordinary networked computers. Applications benefit without modification specifically for openMosix.



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