December 6, 2005

Pocket Sized Linux Server

Anonymous Reader writes "With more and more people running Linux from a USB stick, it has made sense for companies to look into more robust ways of allowing users to bring their operating system of choice with them. Realm Systems has started to produce the BlackDog Portable Linux Server. This is a tiny device which plugs into the USB port of any Windows system and then runs Debian Linux over Windows! No reboot needed- you are running Linux over of this pocket-sized device's onboard processor. Here is a review of the 1.6 oz Linux server. BlackDog comes installed with over 150 packages, including Apache 2, emacs, vim, GTK+, OpenSSH, Perl, Python, Samba, and many of your favorite command line utilities. Also available, at no additional cost to BlackDog users, is an online repository that contains 300+ packages that you can use to extend the capabilities of your BlackDog."



  • Linux
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