January 30, 2001

Pogo Linux: 1GHz for under $1000

Author: JT Smith

AnandTech reviews Pogo Linux's history, plus its new products, including a sub-$1,000 1GHz Internet appliance. "The company's unofficial logo became: 'We don't put in junk parts,' a quote taken from one of the
founding fathers of the company. At the time, the Cyrix M2 processors and S3 Virge graphics
accelerators they were putting into these $299 systems seemed contradictory to 'no junk parts'
statement but it definitely put them on the map. For someone looking to setup a cheap web server or a
box to sit in the corner and be a firewall/NAT machine or maybe even an MP3 server, the $299 Pogo
was affordable."


  • Linux
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