November 25, 2003

PolyServe Shared Data Clustering Software Validated for HP Blade Servers

BEAVERTON, Ore., Nov. 25 -- PolyServe Inc., the leading
provider of highly available, shared data clustering software for Linux-based
data centers, today announced it has joined the HP Blade Alliance Program and
purchased HP blades for development and support. HP has tested PolyServe
enterprise clustering software on blade servers and will offer development and

In designating PolyServe as a solution partner, HP successfully completed
verification tests of PolyServe Matrix Server(TM) shared data clustering
software running on HP ProLiant BL blade servers. In addition, PolyServe has
purchased multiple HP ProLiant BL20p blade servers on which it develops and
tests its Matrix Server software. Multiple joint customers are already
benefiting from the companies' alliance in the area of clustering software for
mission-critical workloads.

"Unlike PolyServe, other Linux clustering software providers are forced by
their product architectures to focus on scientific or high performance
computing applications where high availability is not absolutely critical,"
said Mike Stankey, president and CEO of PolyServe. "PolyServe is 100 percent
committed to helping customers successfully adopt and deploy clusters of
low-cost Intel-based servers for demanding transactional/read-write intensive
workloads in data centers that must never fail."

"Our partnership with HP in their Blade Alliance Program is an ideal
solution for satisfying the clustering needs of the industry's largest base of
blade server customers," Stankey added.

PolyServe Matrix Server software enables customers to build flexible,
scalable on-demand clusters of blades that concurrently read and write to
shared data on a storage area network (SAN). Matrix Server software
incorporates a true symmetric cluster file system that enables scalable data
sharing, high availability services that increase system uptime, and cluster
and storage management capabilities that allow multiple servers and pools of
storage to be managed as one. Without Matrix Server, each blade would have to
have its own copy of data on a SAN.

About PolyServe
PolyServe is the leading developer of shared data clustering software for
Linux-based data centers and will soon release comparable clustering solutions
for Microsoft Windows. The company's products reduce the cost and complexity
associated with traditional clustering approaches, while offering superior
scalability, availability and manageability. In addition to its headquarters
in Beaverton, Oregon, PolyServe has sales and support offices in Atlanta,
Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Redmond, Wash., and San
Francisco. For more information about PolyServe, visit, or
call 877-765-7378.

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