July 20, 2009

A Portable Hypervisor: Part One

Article Source Linux Magazine
July 20, 2009, 7:46 pm

There’s nothing you can dream that can’t be done. No, those aren’t Beatle’s lyrics but rather my epiphany that’s in the same meter as their “All You Need is Love.” Recently, while pondering the future of virtualization and having some pizza; I came up with the idea of a portable hypervisor. My first thought was to have the hypervisor reside on a CD or DVD, but after more pizza, a better idea came to me: A USB-based portable hypervisor. That’s right, a pocket-sized hypervisor; small, portable and hardware-independent.

So, what’s so epiphanic about installing an operating system on a USB drive? Possibly, that no one does it commercially. Hypervisors install onto spinning disks. They run locally. End of story. Often, they’re coupled with an operating system that’s designated as a primary virtual machine or Domain0. What if you could separate the hypervisor’s subsystem from the virtual machine’s subsystem? You’d have a very special, high-performance hypervisor...

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