June 27, 2001

PostgreSQL: The Elephant Never Forgets

Author: JT Smith

The book is now online for development review and feedback at: http://www.opendocspublishing.com/entry.lxp?lxpe=92

Open Docs Publishing has announced today that they plan to ship their
sixth book entitled "PostgreSQL: The Elephant Never Forgets" by the first week of August 2001. This title will include community version of PostgreSQL version 7.1, the PostgreSQL Enterprise Replication Server (eRserver) and the LXP application server. This will offer to companies the security of a replication server, data backup services, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions previously limited to more costly commercial Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) packages. Who could ask for more?

Open Docs has gone one step further by not only including the complete source code for PostgreSQL, but a wealth of other tools such as PHP. The book will fully document installation procedures, administration techniques, usage, basic programming interfaces, and replication
capabilities of PostgreSQL. A complete reference guide will also be
included. Databases have become the core infrastructure of e-business, and once again Open Docs has put their writers hard at work to make sure that you will find this guide to be informative and everything you have been looking for in a PostgreSQL technical reference.

About Postgres and PostgreSQL:

Postgres is an active Database Management System that was originally developed at U.C. Berkeley. The Postgres project was led by Professor Michael Stonebraker. The project was originally funded by the Defense
Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Army Research Office (ARO), along with the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the English as a Second Language Program (ESL). The Postgres project officially ended with version 4.2.

As the development of Postgres continued, it was renamed Postgres95 and SQL capabilities were added. During the continual evolution of Postgres95, it was later renamed PostgreSQL. The name PostgreSQL was chosen to reflect the standards based nature of the product and to allow comparison with commercial databases such as Sybase and Informix.

About Open Docs Publishing:

Open Docs is a publishing company specializing in technical books. They are a full service publishing company that offers authoring, editing, along with specialized programs that would allow companies to
maintain their focus on
development. Open Docs strives to maintain tight
quality control to ensure
that they publish only the best books. They take
pride in the work that
others find mind numbing; documentation.

Open Docs currently has three books in print. The
third book, "Securing and
Optimizing Linux; Red Hat Edition" is the number one
selling book and has
been for six months on LinuxCentral.com, a premiere
online Linux retailer.
They are currently preparing their fourth title
"Getting Stated with Yellow
Dog Linux". If you would like to read more about
Open Docs and their Open
Source Documentation Fund you can visit their web
site at

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