November 17, 2003

PostgreSQL Version 7.4 Released


Josh Berkus writes "PostgreSQL 7.4 is out, after longer delays than we expected due to the rather unexpected number of new features. Here's the blurb and the link:

"The PostgreSQL Global Development Group (PGDG) is pleased to announce the
availability of version 7.4 of the PostgreSQL Object Relational Database
Management System (ORDBMS). This major release is the work
of our world wide network of hundreds of developers and contributors over
the last 9 months. It provides commercial-grade enterprise database
functionality and performance with the flexibility and low total cost of
ownership widely associated with Open Source software."

Version 7.4 includes a host of new features which make PostgreSQL a more powerful and scalable database for large enterprises. These include AMD Opteron(tm) optimization, improved index maintenance tools, and enhanced support of full text indexing which adds ranked result sets. Combined with the recent contribution of the eRServer(c) replication solution by PostgreSQL Inc., these advances fulfill PostgreSQL's potential to run high-availability, large-scale data center.

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