PostNuke IBM Server proven on Linux and Windows

Harry Zink writes: The PostNuke Content Management System, a premier open source content management system, received the ServerProven designation from the IBM X-Series server proving team. Arguably the most adaptable open source content management system and application server package currently available, attaining the IBM ServerProven designation moves PostNuke into the spotlight as a corporate software solution.

Being one of the most actively developed open source projects on the Internet and the first ServerProven open source content management and application server, PostNuke is positioned to draw on the vast marketing and technological resources that IBM offers.

PostNuke will redefine the standards of dynamic application and content management,” says Steve MacGregor, project coordinator for the PostNuke Proving Team. “We have got the concept, the vision, the developers and the resources to do whatever we need to do. It is time to take PostNuke to another level.”

The tests were performed on IBM servers running Red Hat Linux, SuSe Linux, Caldera Open Linux, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 Professional Server on a variety of IBM X-Series servers.

“The latest release of PostNuke represents a milestone in the PostNuke,” stated Harry Zink, a PostNuke developer, “not only has significant new functionality been included in the powerful permissions system, but stability and performance have been improved significantly.”

The PostNuke Proving Team consists of Steve MacGregor (Grape), Michael Collins (Subgeni), Gregor Rothfuss, Greg Allan (Adam_Baum), Jim McDonald, and Carl Corliss. To contact this team please email Steve MacGregor at

PostNuke is a free multi-lingual, database-driven Content Management System and application server written in PHP and licensed under the GNU General Public License. With a focus on modularity, security and stability, PostNuke drastically reduces the cost of implementing content management and web application services. For more information on PostNuke please visit

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