September 9, 2002

PostNuke to offer seamless upgrade from Envolution

hzink writes: "In order to provide a seamless upgrade to PostNuke(tm) release 0.721 for the many users that adopted the Encompass/Envolution theme engine (spun off in a prior fork), the PostNuke(tm) Project is happy to provide a separate updater that permits a seamless upgrade to 0.721 for any user running an Encompass-enabled/Envolution installation.

"We noticed the Envolution release was still based on the older 0.714 branch, and realized that some users might want to take advantage of the advanced features of our 0.721 release," states Harry Zink, current project manager of the PostNuke(tm) Project, explaining the motivation behind providing this updater.

The PostNuke(tm) Project is one of the most popular weblog / content management systems available, to have split off from php-nuke."


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