June 10, 2002

Powerful library to connect to MySQL database

Khiya Shinde writes: "Some time ago I had reported release of DALP under the news head POWERFUL opensource API to connect to MySQL server from PocketPC, Palm and Nokia 9210 Applications. I used this library for one of my clients. The platform was a Treo (Palm OS). We connected the client to his database server and he could see his database online even when he was travelling all he has to do is connect his TREO to the internet!!.

Recently I happened to speak to the company who developed and released DALP, Kalpadrum Infotech Private Limited. I spoke to the CEO of the company Mr. Randhir, he told me that the latest release 1.0 is very stable and has a better memory management model. He also mentioned that they have developed a product called PocketMySQLAdmin, which uses this DALP to administer the MySQL database server. They plan to sell this product to raise funds to further develop the DALP. They plan to incorporate compression and also secured connection in the future releases of DALP. He also mentioned that previously they had plans to make similar library for the Oracle and Sybase database, but now they have dropped that plan. Due to shortage of funds they are now going to concentrate only with MySQL. Kalpadrum has also signed up as official partners with MySQL AB.

Whats more this library is under GPL. I also happen to check the Oraclelite on the PDA. I find the DALP solution to be more better than the Oraclelite solution. I personally feel that we should let a PDA be a PDA than make it a database server. DALP also fits in perfectly with the MySQL opensource ideology. I think its a good answer to the dominating Oracle solutions.

On the critic side I would like to comment that the developers of DALP should provide sample programs to use this library. I had a though time to start using this library. Although the support from the developers is good.

To check out the latest releases of DALP check out the Sourceforge Website, or on the DALP WEBSITE.



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