January 29, 2007

PowerPoint 2007: The Missing Manual

James Pyles writes "Hot on the heels of my review of Word 2007: The Missing Manual, I decided to continue my reviews of the most recent publications in this series. Today, I'm tackling "PowerPoint 2007: The Missing Manual". No surprises on the outside of the book but before taking a look inside, I decided to register this text and see what online extras were available. The Missing CD-ROM page doesn't disappoint and contains links to stock photos, Microsoft fonts, the "save as PDF or XPS add-in" and more (actually, you aren't required to register the book to access this page).

I'm just as curious about the authors as the books they produce and as I figured, E.A. Vander Veer's "official" name appears to be a holdover from the days when it wasn't popular for women to be authors. As it turns out, Emily A. Moore started out her career as a coder spending years writing in C++ instead of plain, ol' English."

Link: mcseworld.com

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