July 19, 2006

A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux (3rd Edition)

James Pyles writes "To say the least...I’m impressed...and that’s without even opening up the book. Phrases like a “must have” book and “simply the best book on Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux” jump out at you from the cover like hyperactive pinballs (You do remember pinball machines, don’t you?). The little bio blurb on the back cover for Mark Sobell announces that he’s “the author of many best-selling books...” and “President of Sobell Associates, Inc”. I hadn’t even looked at the table of contents and already I was expecting to read the next Tom Clancy novel.

It doesn’t help that this tome weighs in at over 1100 pages. It must cover everything from the creation of the Linux kernel by “you-know-who” to how Linux will power the next generation coffee maker. On the other hand, I’ve been a big fan of Red Hat and Fedora (Debian is still my first love) and I was kind of curious about the changes to be found in FC5 and RHEL so I thought I’d go ahead and steel myself, become prepared to get past the marketing hype, open the cover, and see if this book really meets expectations."

Link: http://www.linux-tutorial.info

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